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Launching in April 2021, the Nonprofit Finance Accelerator is a virtual financial management learning program for regional nonprofits, co-funded by United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey (UWGPSNJ) and Comcast NBCUniversal and developed in partnership with Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF). This program takes participants through a series of three live webinars, focused peer-learning sessions, and one-on-one consulting to address each organization’s circumstances at this unprecedented time and put learnings into immediate practice. The Spring program is open to up to 200 organizations. 

The Accelerator kicks off with a three-part live webinar series on financial management topics:

  • Current State and Immediate Needs
  • Budgeting and Scenario Planning
  • Financial Storytelling and Communication

For some organizational leaders, access to the live webinar series is all they need and have space for right now. For those who have the interest and the capacity to engage at a deeper level, the Accelerator offers additional opportunities to engage in cohort-based peer discussions, discreet individual coaching with NFF's team, and an online Q&A platform. As the capacity building elements are sequenced intentionally to be additive, engagement with the webinar content (live or recorded) is required to participate in deeper services. Complete this registration survey to join for the webinars and you will also receive information on the optional additional services.

Below is the form to register for the three-part webinar series. Each organization can send up to two representatives to each webinar session, and we ask that both individuals register separately. Questions? Please reach out to Vishal Makhijani at  

Webinar Zoom Registration

The entry point into this work will be a three-part live webinar series that provides practical, just-in-time financial management knowledge for nonprofit leaders, delivered in engaging and accessible ways. Each webinar offers tactical strategies for financial decision-making that balances immediate needs and priorities with medium- and long-term recovery goals, preparing organizations for the aftermath of pandemic. Below are the three webinars we will cover: 

Webinar 1:  The Current State and Immediate Needs; April 28th, from 2-3pm ET

Operating during times of change and uncertainty requires timely decision-making based on an accurate and current understanding of an organization’s financial situation. This first webinar will offer a framework for assessing organizations’ financial situation, review tools and strategies for managing cash, and introduce an approach for balancing immediate needs with longer-term priorities.  In this 60-minute webinar, NFF consultants will cover:

Metrics for quickly assessing the financial situation

Cash flow tools and strategies for managing short-term cash needs

A framework for balancing immediate liquidity needs with longer-term needs


The tools and framework provided in this webinar will help participants integrate their current financial state and provide tools for managing immediate cash needs.


Resources provided: following the webinar, participants will receive a cash flow planning template and a metrics calculation template. 

Webinar 2:  Budgeting and Scenario Planning; May 5th, 2-3pm ET  

A crucial tool for navigating a rapidly changing environment is a flexible budget that provides visibility into risks, changes, and the “what if’s.” This webinar will focus on budgeting techniques and tools that can increase visibility and enable timely decision-making. In this 60-minute webinar, NFF consultants will guide participants through:


Strategies for identifying risks and opportunities within existing budgets

Budgeting strategies and formats that increase the utility of budgets for decision making

Scenario budgeting and planning tools to navigate unknowns


This webinar will help participants improve the flexibility of their budgets and add visibility for risks, timing considerations, or potential triggers for decisions.


Resources provided: participants will receive a worksheet to help create and prioritize scenarios and a scenario planning tool with instructions. 

Webinar 3:  Financial Storytelling and Communication; May 12th from 2-3pm ET

During times of change, turbulence and uncertainty, it’s even more important to stay connected with stakeholders and aligned on priorities. Nonprofit leaders must be able to tell their financial story to create buy-in for decisions and support for potential changes. This webinar guides participants a framework for narrating their financial situation and offers ideas for communicating the financial story of 2020 and 2021 to boards, funders and other stakeholders. Content in this 60-minute webinar includes:


Three useful types of financial stories

Guidance on connecting numbers to narratives

Ideas for communicating with boards and other stakeholders on financial needs and plans


This webinar will help participants create a clear and data-informed narrative about their organization’s financial situation, needs and plans. It will also provide ideas for engaging with various stakeholders around those financial stories.


Resources provided: participants will receive NFF’s financial storytelling templates.

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